Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our members as their trusted data fiduciary.  What does this mean? In a fiduciary relationship, one person, in a position of vulnerability, vests confidence and trust in another whose aid, advice, or protection is sought. This requires the fiduciary to act at all times for the sole benefit and interest of the one who trusts.  On this basis we established Data Fiduciary, Inc. in January 2019.

  • Care.  Our members are our customers, not our products.  Our duty is to care for them and their information.  Our business is based entirely on earning trust and everything we do is through this lens.  We treat personal data as our member’s most valuable asset.

  • Confidentiality.  Our products and services are based on helping members retain control over their data and minimize its exposure online to anybody that they do not want to share it with.   

  • Loyalty.  We avoid conflicts of interest.  We are transparent about how we manage data on behalf of our members.


The most secure way to store information is for there to be no information.

If the information exists, the best way to secure is to not have it, and have it remain on the device under absolute control by the user.

If the information exists, and we need to hold it, then the next level of security is to delete it immediately after use.


We started Fiducia because everybody we know is feeling worse and worse about their devices, their technologies, their data and their privacy.  The more we talk with people, the more it has become clear that people no longer feel in control. These are the feelings we keep hearing from people:

  • Humiliated that they have no control over their data, their information, their actions or their behavior

  • Angry that companies are stealing their data and using their information to get rich while they are struggling with money

  • Paranoid that “their” devices and technologies are spying on them

  • Ashamed that they are not doing more to protect their data and secure their identity

  • Helpless to improve their situation

  • Afraid about what others know about them

  • Anxious that things are going to keep getting worse

  • Cynical that companies or government are going to do anything

  • Tired of being strip mined constantly for their personal information

And so we decided to create a new  company that helps make people feel better:

  • Confident that they are in control of who has access to their information

  • Independent as an individual with free will and a unique personality

  • Aware of how they are being influenced by others who have access to their information

  • Secure that they are doing everything they can to protect their data and that of their loved ones

  • Proud to be taking matters into their own hands and establishing a clean and sustainable data lifestyle.

  • Relaxed that they can go online and feel better about their behavior